Price of flour in sacks in Nigeria 2023 (2023)

Flour prices are rising, as are other foods in Nigeria. This has led many people to ask questions about how much flour is now sold per sack, kg or liter in Nigeria. If you want answers to these questions, read on.

This article contains market prices for various brands of flour, includingflour for baking,Gold-Penny-Mehl,Dangote flour,Brotmehl,wheat flourPrices all in Nigeria.
Flour is one of the most commonly consumed daily foods in Nigeria and almost every other part of the world. These different types of flour make up our meals for different times of the day, such as B. breading or wheat flour (light for breakfast) or yam flour etc. (consumption during lunch)

Mehlsorten in Nigeria

The most important agricultural product for flour production is wheat. However, there are other starchy plants that can be used to make flour, such as cassava, yam, and corn.

bean flour

It is made from dried beans and contains protein and fiber, making it healthy for human consumption. Common bean flour dishes in Nigeria include moi moi and akara.


This is made from dried yams. The popular Nigerian food made from it isAmalathis is a product made from yam flour.

banana flour

It is made from dried, unripe bananas and can be used as a substitute recipe for regular Nigerian dishes such as semovita or any other type of swallow.

whole wheat flour

Whole wheat flour is made from wheat grains. There are several types of wheat flour, including:cake flour,pastry flour,whole wheat flour,BrotmehljsemolinaÖdurum wheat flour.

coconut flour

It is made from dried coconuts. A good recipe can be made to substitute wheat flour.

How much does a bag of flour cost in Nigeria in 2023?

The price of flour in Nigeria varies by brand. There are various wheat mills in all 36 states, but four of them are the most well-known and their flour is easy to find in almost every home and market in Nigeria.Our focus is on Nigeria's four leading flour brands..

Here is the current list of average market prices for a 50kg sack of flour in Nigeria

flour brandprice range
golden dime₦ 29.000 – ₦ 30.000
Dangote flour₦ 29.000 – ₦ 30.000
Honeywell flour28.000₦ – 30.500₦₦
Golden Mothermeal₦ 29.000 – ₦ 30.000

Other flour measures and their prices in 2023

50 kg is not always the right amount of flour. Here is a list of smaller sizes and their corresponding prices.

The average price of a cup of flour in Nigeria today is between 250 and 300N, 1 mudu flour between 800 and 1000N and 1 liter of flour between 2,300 and 3,000N.

Best Baking Flour in Nigeria 2023

What separates one type of wheat flour from another is the amount of protein it contains. The protein content essentially determines the gluten content.
Gluten is important because it is responsible for the texture and structure of a cake. Wheat flours that are high in gluten (or protein) are called hard flours and are best used in bread and pizza. Low-gluten flours are known as soft or soft flours and are used to make cakes and soft cakes.
There are different types of flours used in baking. Which one is best really depends on what you want to bake.

wheat flour

This contains a protein content of around 9 to 11 percent and covers a mixture of hard and soft flour. It is the most commonly used flour for a wide range of baked goods such as: bread, cakes, pastries, etc. It is also the type of flour that is most easily available in local markets.

cake flour

Cake flour is a weak flour with a protein content of 5 to 8 percent. This reduces gluten and gives cakes a soft, moist texture. Cake flour is the best flour for baking cakes because it can hold more liquid and sugar, making the cake fluffier.


Bread flour has a high gluten content of 12 to 14% and is therefore suitable for sourdough bread. It helps get breadcrumbs. Bread flour is the best flour for baking bread and cinnamon rolls. It's almost impossible to find a substitute for bread flour as other types of flour don't contain as much protein as bread needs to rise properly and achieve the ideal texture.

puff pastry flour

find a balance betweencake flour and wheat flour. Contains 8 to 9% gluten. Pastry flour is best used for pancakes, cookies, cookies, and cakes.

self-raising flour

It's simply a mixture of baking soda and a small amount of salt. This is similar towheat flourand can be replaced by it. Can be used for pizza dough, cupcakes and cookies. Self-raising flour is not very marketable in Nigeria but can be made at home. Simply add two teaspoons of 150g/60z all-purpose flour, sift in the flour and baking powder, then add the baking powder (and cocoa powder, if desired).

Reasons for rising flour price in Nigeria

The Nigerian market has not fully recovered in 2020 from the post-lockdown surge in food prices. The price of flour has also risen sharply, affecting the prices of flour-based products such as bread, cakes and sweets.
This increase in the price of flour is due to the following reasons.

import costs

Wheat is the most common agricultural product used to make flour powder in Nigeria. It is used to make all-purpose flour, the most marketable and readily available type in the country. But Nigeria has weak domestic wheat production, creating an imbalance in the supply and demand chain. This makes us dependent on deliveries from abroad. Therefore, increasing the cost of importing wheat to Nigeria, as well as other foods, is being carried out to encourage local production.

appreciation of the dollar

Economic factors have caused the Naira currency to depreciate and the most acceptable currency to import is the US Dollar which has appreciated dramatically in value against the Naira as a currency. Currently, US$1 is equal to N415,365, making it more expensive to import, leading to an overall increase in the price of flour.

One of the most volatile experiences in Nigeria is rising food prices. So prepare your mind and pockets to adjust to the new flour prices when you go shopping at the market. However, the place where the purchase is made may show a drop in price compared to other places.

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How much is one bag of flour in Nigeria now? ›

₦32,549.00 per 50 kg

Buy 50kg of Golden Penny Prime Flour at a discounted price.

Is flour going up in price? ›

The total cost for five baking staples – flour, sugar, milk, butter, and eggs – was about 22 percent higher through the first 10 months of 2022 compared with the same period in 2021.

Which flour is best for baking in Nigeria? ›

The superior quality Golden Penny Flour, is available is different variants and has delighted millions all over Nigeria and beyond. Packaged in various sizes, it is distributed as Nigeria's number one flour for baking.

How much is bread flour in Nigeria? ›

A 50kg bag of flour now goes for about N30,000 as against N12,600 in January 2021, representing an increase of 138 percent.

How much is a 50 lb sack of flour? ›

50 lbs. FIRST HARVEST All Purpose Flour & Bread Flour. As low as $8.50/bag.
50 lbs.$ 9.25
50 lbs.$ 10.00
6 more rows

How much is Dangote flour in Nigeria? ›

According to price comparisons among large markets in Lagos, the price for 50 kilograms of Dangote flour was on average 13.8 thousand Naira (some 36 U.S. dollars). The markets taken into consideration are Mushin, Daleko, Oyingbo, and Mile 12. As of November 2020, the most expensive market for flour was Mile 12.

Are prices going up in 2023? ›

In 2023, all food prices are predicted to increase 7.1 percent, with a prediction interval of 4.2 to 10.1 percent. Food-at-home prices are predicted to increase 8.0 percent, with a prediction interval of 4.5 to 11.7 percent.

Why will there be a flour shortage? ›

Wheat. The war in Ukraine has left many stores struggling to keep wheat flour on the shelves ahead of the holidays. India, the world's second-largest wheat producer, has banned international exports of wheat due to record heat waves and the ongoing war in Ukraine.

Why are flour prices increasing? ›

The runaway flour price – caused by the atrocious weather in North American wheat-growing areas in 2021, the Russian invasion of Ukraine and rising fuel costs – is expected to have a long-lasting impact on the bakery industry – meaning bakers need to look beyond short-term savings to stay afloat.

How many loaves of bread from 50Kg flour in Nigeria? ›

50Kg flour will Gove you about 85 to 90Kg final dough after mixing all ingredients and milling. This gives you 100 loaves of N400 or Ghc5 or $2 in US. Note that buying of flour is N12,500 in Nigeria and GHc150 in Ghana.

What are the 7 Types of flour? ›

To recap, the types of flours used for baking are;
  • All-purpose flour.
  • Self-raising flour.
  • Bread flour/Baker's flour.
  • Gluten-free flour.
  • Cake flour.
  • Boxed cake mixes/Pre-mixes.
  • Whole wheat flour/Atta wheat flour/Brown bread flour.
Jul 22, 2022

What flour do professional cake bakers use? ›

Cake flour is ideal for tender baked goods containing high amounts of sugar, such as cakes (of course), biscuits, muffins and scones. Pastry Flour – Pastry flour is also milled from a soft wheat and has a low gluten content.

How much is a sack of flour? ›

Other uses in the US include the measurement by volume of salt, where one sack is 215 pounds (98 kg), cotton where one sack is 140 pounds (63.5 kg) and flour, where one sack is just 100 pounds (45.4 kg).

How much is a bag of yam flour in Nigeria? ›

₦15,549.00 per 1 garawa

Our products are delivered to you in perfect condition, undamaged and fresh. Otherwise, we accept a refund if it is in bad shape and complies with our refund policy. Order now and have it delivered to your location the next day.

How much is a bag of sugar in Nigeria 2022? ›

₦34,049.00 per 1 bag

Buy 50kg of Dangote sugar at a discounted price.

How much is a 25 lb bag of flour? ›

ADM All Purpose Flour - 25 lb.
Buy 10 - 97$17.33/Bag
Buy in lots of 2:$19.26/Bag

How much is in a 10 lb bag of flour? ›

There are about 45 cups of flour in a 10 lb bag.

What's a good price for flour? ›

In 2022, the price for one pound of white flour in the United States amounted to approximately 0.52 U.S. dollar.

Does Nigeria import flour? ›

In 2021, Nigeria imported 51% of its wheat from Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, and other Baltic countries. Russia's blockade of Ukrainian ports and the effect of sanctions imposed by the EU and other Western countries have caused a surge in wheat prices.

How much is a bag of rice in Nigeria? ›

It's also accessible at a reasonable price in key markets around the country. Rice Master 50kg rice costs between N26,000 and N30,000 (depending on the market). Rice Master 25kg rice costs between N13,000 and N15,500 (depending on the market).

How much is a bag of wheat in Nigeria? ›

₦3,249.00 per 1 bag

Our products are delivered to you in perfect condition, undamaged and unexpired.

What is the expected inflation for january 2023? ›

US consumer inflation expectations for the year ahead were unchanged at 5% in January of 2023, the same as in December, and holding at low levels not seen since the end of 2021.

Will the market go down in 2023? ›

Most stock market forecasts for 2023 see moderate improvement. UBS targets a year-end 2023 S&P 500 at 3900 and KKR sees it at 4150. CFRA expects a 2.9% gain, which would put the S&P over 3900. It closed the year around 3840.

How much should I raise my prices 2023? ›

Next 8% price increase for 2023 is 'essential' to maintain margins.

What shortages are coming in 2023? ›

A bread, flour and wheat shortage are likely on the horizon largely because of the ongoing war in Ukraine. Russia and Ukraine account for close to 20% of the world's cereal grain production. Take Our Poll: What Are Your Financial Priorities in 2023?

Will the US run out of flour? ›

There's no danger of flour running out, said Christopher Clark, vice president of communications for the North American Millers' Association. “The industry has access to grain, has capacity, and will produce products our customers/consumers want as fast as we can,” he said in an email.

Will there be a bread shortage in 2023? ›

Experts speculate that there could be a significant global cereal grain supply shortage as early as 2023. They also predict that this shortage may cause a struggle to obtain the necessary ingredients to make bread, resulting in bread shortages in 2023.

Who is the biggest supplier of flour in the world? ›

Wheat is the third most-produced cereal - after rice and maize - and the second most produced for human consumption. China is the world's largest wheat producer and has yielded more than 2.4 billion tonnes of wheat in the last 20 years, around 17% of total production.

How much is flour in the US? ›

The price is 1.81 USD. The average price for all countries is 1.46 USD. The database includes 92 countries. (USD / 1 kg, Source: )

How many cups of flour are in a 5 pound bag? ›

There are 18.12 cups in 5 pounds of flour.

How much is wheat in Nigeria 2022? ›

Similarly, the average price of 2kg of Wheat flour: prepacked (golden penny) on a year-on-year basis, rose by 34.92% from the value recorded in May 2021 (N785. 87) to N1,060.26 in May 2022. On a month-on-month basis, it increased from N1,047.74 in April 2022 to N1,060.26 in May 2022 indicating a 1.20% growth.

Where do Nigeria import flour from? ›

In 2021, Nigeria imported 51% of its wheat from Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, and other Baltic countries. Russia's blockade of Ukrainian ports and the effect of sanctions imposed by the EU and other Western countries have caused a surge in wheat prices.

What is the future price of wheat? ›

Soybean Oil60.220.13%
Soybean Meal501.4-0.52%
2 more rows

How much is a bag of rice in Nigeria 2022? ›

It's also accessible at a reasonable price in key markets around the country. Rice Master 50kg rice costs between N26,000 and N30,000 (depending on the market). Rice Master 25kg rice costs between N13,000 and N15,500 (depending on the market). d.

How much is a bag of salt in Lagos? ›

₦4,949.00 per 80 pieces

A bag contains 80 pieces and can be shared with 19 other buyers and you get your share the next day without waiting for others. Our products are delivered to you in perfect condition, undamaged and unexpired.

How much is a basket of tomatoes in Nigeria 2022? ›

In the months of September to March every year in Nigeria, the prices of baskets of tomatoes are usually low. In the month of May – July, the price of a 60kg basket of tomatoes in Mile 12 market, Lagos can be between N20,000 – N30,000 while in the other months of the year, the price can fall as low as N7,500.

How much is salt in Nigeria? ›

The current price of SALT is NGN 36.87 per SALT.

How much is a bag of maize in Nigeria 2022? ›

The report said maize which faces a projected decline in production levels of up to 14% will reach a higher average price point ranging between N214, 980/metric ton ($486.72) and N220,000/metric ton ($498.09) by the end of the fourth quarter (Q4) 2022.

How much is bag beans in Nigeria? ›

₦32,049.00 per 50 kg

Buy 50kg of well-sourced oloyin beans at a discounted price. It can be shared with another buyer and you get your share the next day without waiting for the other. Our products are delivered to you in perfect condition, undamaged and fresh.

How much is 1 paint of flour in Lagos? ›

₦4,719.00 per 1 paint bucket

Our products are delivered to you in perfect condition, undamaged and fresh. Otherwise, we accept a refund if it is in bad shape and complies with our refund policy.

How much is a tuber of yam in Nigeria today? ›

Despite this, the staple food is gradually getting beyond the reach of average citizens. Investigations showed that a sizeable tuber of yam sold for N700 to N800 as at August 2021 in Lagos, is now between N2, 000 and N2, 200.

Which pounded yam flour is the best in Nigeria? ›

Olu Olu's pounded yam flour has grown to become the definitive number 1 Pounded yam flour on the market.

Where is yam cheap in Nigeria? ›

Zaki Biam yam market - Benue state

This is the best place to buy yams at a very low cost as most sellers are local cultivators of the crop. Benue is Nigeria's largest yam producing state and records an average sale of 1.5 million yams a year.


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