Here at Motorsport and Performance, we can do whatever you want to get more performance out of your Mustang. Whether you are looking for NA power, turbo or any type of supercharger, we can supply, install and tune all the parts necessary to meet your personal goals and preferences.

That being said, there are simple ways to produce power and none come close to being as efficient and clean as a well designed and manufactured twin screw compressor system.

If you want to recharge your Mustang and are looking for prices to start a conversation here you canFind kits in our online storeand installation packages in ourIF Power Amplifier Collection. If what you are looking for is not specifically listed, pleaseContact Usfor more information.


To name just a few that we can offer:

  • WhippleSupercargador
  • VMP performance
  • reddish
  • ford performance
  • Edelbrock
  • kenny campana
  • Saleen
  • Procharge
  • swirl
  • Paxton


Superchargers come in 3 different types:

(Video) Loading a 2021 Ford Mustang GT On a U-Haul Car Hauler

  • fuente
  • centrifuge
  • double screw.

Root and twin-screw chargers use interlocking lobes to compress air, although their design is entirely different. Roots compressors have been in use since World War I, in some cases the lobes touch each other and in some designs the compressor casing as well, this creates friction and heat and reduces its overall efficiency. Twin screw compressors, on the other hand, run to much tighter tolerances and the lobes never touch each other (unless something has gone seriously wrong) and the only heat generated in them comes from air compression.

Centrifugal compressors use an impeller to compress air in the same way as a turbo; They differ from a turbo in that the engine spins the impeller directly, whereas a turbo uses energy normally wasted in exhaust gases to spin the impeller.

Like turbochargers, centrifugal compressors can be quite "sluggish", while root and twin screw compressors produce boost as soon as you start the engine.



They have argued this since the beginning of time. Actually, in every market it depends on your application what is best. To us, while twin-bolt systems from brands like the Whipple Supercharger offer the best performance with the least amount of hassle, if you don't agree, we can still help you get your preferred type on the road.

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So now you know that there are charger options that you can use with your Mustang. What are you doing?

Everyone knows that when you have a turbocharger or supercharger on an engine, you have more horsepower than someone who doesn't (as long as, of course, whoever designed, installed, and tuned your setup knew what they were doing). . You know this because there are turbos and superchargers to get more power out of an engine.


To answer that correctly, I would have to write a book.

By short though, I mean as short as you can effectively.

First, we need to quickly think about where the “power” comes from.

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Getting back to the basic...

  1. The law of conservation of energy states that the total energy of an isolated system is constant; Energy can be converted from one form to another, but it cannot be created or destroyed.
  2. energy is power; Controlled release is what you experience when you accelerate in a car.
  3. Engines, whether internal combustion or not, extract energy from a fuel source (gasoline in our case) by igniting and burning the fuel, converting part of the energy released into mechanical energy (the rest, more than 70%, is lost). in the form of heat and noise)
  4. You know that to light a fire you need oxygen + some type of fuel (which can be wood, coal, alcohol, butane, gasoline, diesel, etc.) + an ignition source.
  5. If you run out of oxygen, your fire goes out. If you run out of oxygen and too much fuel, your fire will go out. Anyway, put as much fuel as you want, it won't make any difference.
  6. The air that we and our engines breathe contains 20.95% oxygen.

So if fuel contains energy, the more fuel it burns, the more energy it produces. But oxygen is needed to burn fuel, and the amount of oxygen in the air we breathe is limited, which limits the amount of fuel an engine can burn per revolution.

How does a supercharger fix this? Simple, compress the air. If you force twice as much air into a given volume, that volume will contain twice as much oxygen as before. Twice as much oxygen means it can burn twice as much fuel, and theoretically draw twice as much power and generate twice as much electricity.


An NA engine takes air but has enough time between revs to fill its cylinder capacity while limited by its intake and throttle body; few factory NA engines reach 100% VE. You can achieve greater than 100% VE on some DOHC 4VPC and NA rotary engines by properly timing the intake manifolds and exhaust manifolds. This is called inertial charge and uses resonance and air mass to obtain a positive pressure at the induction point of the combustion chamber. We've used this on builds of the NA Mustang GT, but the max ever reported is around 130% EV and that was in a lab... 110% would show up in the real world.

(Video) Loading a Ford Mustang GT Into a Truck Fail

However, in the case of supercharged engines, the cubic capacity is forcibly filled (forcedinduction) and therefore properly designed exhaust manifolds and air intakes become much less important for a higher EV engine... ! Force feeding a motor can generate arbitrarily high VE percentages.

The compressors themselves also have volumetric efficiency and adiabatic efficiency... but I'll try to be brief, so I'll stop at the VE engine.LOADING YOUR MUSTANG GT (3)

In short, a supercharger "pushes" compressed air and thus more oxygen molecules into the engine, allowing it to inject and burn more fuel per revolution, resulting in more power. Simply!


We install and fit many makes and types of superchargers on Mustangs across the UK here at Motorsport and Performance. If you would like us to deliver and carry out an installation, simply contact us to discuss your preferred brand or, if you're undecided, we can discuss your needs and offer suggestions.

The only limit to how much power you can get from carrying your Mustang is how deep your pockets are. 650hp is entry level in the supercharged Coyote world, quite a few of our builds reached over 700hp and some between 800 and 900hp. If your dream is 1000 hp before you die or 1000 hp before you kill it, that's fine, contact us and we can talk about your options.

(Video) Installing the Trailer Winch and Loading the Mustang

If you found this blog helpful, but you're not looking for a supercharger, remember that we're as passionate about building NA Mustangs and turbocharged Mustangs as we are about charging them. So if you're looking for more power but don't want a supercharger, no problem. Get in touch with us and we will help you decide on an action plan to get where you imagine taking your car.


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