How many liters in a quart | Pints ​​to quarts conversion (2023)

How many pints in a room? How to convert quarts to pints? To answer these questions, our following article provides some interesting information. In addition, we also created a conversion tool to easily convert quarts to pints.

Quart (qt) Definition

The fourth is a unit of measurement used in the United States Customs system and the British Imperial system. The unit can be abbreviated to qt. One quarter equals 2 pints. If you are from a country that uses the metric system, one quart is approximately equal to one liter. U.S. liquid and dry quarts are approximately equal to 0.95literor 1.1 liters and an Imperial Quart 1.13 liters.

Quarts (qt) History

A commonly used unit of measurement in the US and UK, the quarter's history dates back hundreds of years to the Middle Ages. The quart was used in Geoffrey Chaucer's Miller's Tale (1380-1390) as a measure of ale, a type of beer.

Etymologically, the word quart comes from the Latin quartus, which means room.

Quart (qt) Current Consumption

The quart can be seen everywhere in the United States, from a quart of milk in a supermarket to a quart of whipped cream in a cookbook.

Three types of quarters are currently in use, an imperial quarter, an American liquid quarter and a slightly larger American dry quarter. As its terms indicate, a liquid quart measures liquid substances like water, milk, oil, etc., while a dry quart is used to measure dry ingredients.

Pinta (en) Definition

The US uses the imperial system of measurement, while the UK generally uses the metric system. Specifically, to measure liquid volume, US countries use gallons, pints, quarts, cups, etc., which can be confusing. Although the US uses the imperial system, some of its units of measurement are slightly different. Using standard US units, it can be said that the US has its own version of the imperial system.

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For example, the American pint (473.176 milliliters) is theoretically smaller than the UK imperial pint in terms of liquid volume (568.261 milliliters). So there is an imperial pint, a liquid US pint, and a dry US pint which equals ⅛ of an imperial gallon, a liquid US gallon, and a dry US gallon.

A pint is a unit of volume or capacity used in both US and Empire standard measurement systems. In both systems, 1 pint equals 1/8 gallon. However, the pint and gallon in the two systems are different.

The word "pint" derives from the Old French word pinte, which comes from Vulgar Latin. This means painted to mark on the side of the container to indicate its capacity.

Ratio quart per liter

Both quarts and pints are two units of measurement in the American Customary and British Imperial systems. A pint is a unit smaller than a quart. There are 2 pints in a quart, or a quart equals half a pint.

Both units are commonly used in the US to measure the volume of water, milk, and especially gasoline or naphtha.

In general, the relationship between quarters and pints can be expressed as follows:

1 liter = 2 pints

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Differences between quarters and pints

Differences between pints and quarters are based primarily on what is being measured. Each of them would be suitable for measuring different things. Let's discuss in more detail:


ask (en)

quarto (qt)


A pint is a unit of volume or capacity used in both US and Empire standard measurement systems.

The fourth is a unit of measurement used in the United States Customs system and the British Imperial system.


To point


current use

Pints ​​are used to measure the volume and capacity of objects.

Quarts are commonly used to measure volume or capacity.


1 pint = 1/2 liter

1 liter = 2 pints

Common quarts to pints conversion table (qt to pt)

quarto (qt)shortcut (en)Rooms (qt) to Pints ​​(pt)
1 quarter2 liters1 quart equals 2 pints
2 liters4 liters2 liters equals 4 pints
3 liters6 liters3 liters equals 6 pints
4 liters8 liters4 liters equals 8 pints
5 liters10 liters5 liters equals 10 pints
6 liters12 liters6 liters equals 12 pints
7 liters14 liters7 liters equals 14 pints
8 liters16 liters8 liters equals 16 pints
9 liters18 liters9 liters equals 18 pints
10 liters20 liters10 liters equals 20 pints
11 liters22 liters11 liters equals 22 pints
12 liters24 liters12 liters equals 24 pints
13 liters26 liters13 liters equals 26 pints
14 liters28 liters14 liters equals 28 pints
15 liters30 liters15 liters equals 30 pints
16 liters32 liters16 liters equals 32 pints
17 liters34 liters17 liters equals 34 pints
18 liters36 liters18 liters equals 36 pints
19 liters38 liters19 liters equals 38 pints
20 liters40 shortcuts20 liters equals 40 pints
21 liters42 liters21 liters equals 42 pints
22 liters44 liters22 quarts equals 44 pints
23 liters46 liters23 quarts equals 46 pints
24 liters48 liters24 liters equals 48 pints
25 liters50 shortcuts25 liters equals 50 pints
26 liters52 liters26 liters equals 52 pints
27 liters54 liters27 liters equals 54 pints
28 liters56 liters28 liters equals 56 pints
29 liters58 liters29 liters equals 58 pints
30 liters60 shortcuts30 liters equals 60 pints
31 liters62 liters31 quarts equals 62 pints
32 liters64 liters32 quarts equals 64 pints
33 liters66 liters33 quarts equals 66 pints
34 liters68 liters34 quarters equals 68 pints
35 liters70 shortcuts35 liters equals 70 pints
36 liters72 liters36 liters equals 72 pints
37 liters74 liters37 liters equals 74 pints
38 liters76 liters38 liters equals 76 pints
39 liters78 liters39 quarters equals 78 pints
40 liters80 liters40 quarters equals 80 pints
41 liters82 liters41 quarts equals 82 pints
42 liters84 liters42 quarters equals 84 pints
43 liters86 liters43 quarts equals 86 pints
44 liters88 liters44 quarters equals 88 pints
45 liters90 shortcuts45 liters equals 90 pints
46 liters92 liters46 quarters equals 92 pints
47 liters94 liters47 quarters equals 94 pints
48 liters96 liters48 quarters equals 96 pints
49 liters98 liters49 quarters equals 98 pints
50 liters100 shortcuts50 quarters equals 100 pints
51 liters102 shortcuts51 quarters equals 102 pints
52 liters104 liters52 quarters equals 104 pints
53 liters106 liters53 quarters equals 106 pints
54 liters108 liters54 quarters equals 108 pints
55 liters110 shortcuts55 liters equals 110 pints
56 liters112 liters56 quarts equals 112 pints
57 liters114 liters57 quarters equals 114 pints
58 liters116 liters58 quarters equals 116 pints
59 liters118 liters59 quarters equals 118 pints
60 liters120 surface60 liters equals 120 pints
61 liters122 liters61 quarters equals 122 pints
62 liters124 liters62 quarters equals 124 pints
63 liters126 liters63 quarts equals 126 pints
64 liters128 liters64 quarters equals 128 pints
65 liters130 surface65 liters equals 130 pints
66 liters132 liters66 quarters equals 132 pints
67 liters134 liters67 liters equals 134 pints
68 liters136 liters68 liters equals 136 pints
69 liters138 liters69 quarters equals 138 pints
70 liters140 surface70 liters equals 140 pints
71 liters142 liters71 quarts equals 142 pints
72 liters144 liters72 quarters equals 144 pints
73 liters146 liters73 quarts equals 146 pints
74 liters148 liters74 quarters equals 148 pints
75 liters150 surface75 liters equals 150 pints
76 liters152 shortcuts76 liters equals 152 pints
77 liters154 liters77 liters equals 154 pints
78 liters156 liters78 liters equals 156 pints
79 liters158 liters79 quarters equals 158 pints
80 liters160 surface80 liters equals 160 pints
81 liters162 liters81 quarts equals 162 pints
82 liters164 liters82 quarters equals 164 pints
83 liters166 liters83 quarts equals 166 pints
84 liters168 liters84 quarters equals 168 pints
85 liters170 surface85 liters equals 170 pints
86 liters172 liters86 quarters equals 172 pints
87 liters174 liters87 quarters equals 174 pints
88 liters176 liters88 quarters equals 176 pints
89 liters178 liters89 quarters equals 178 pints
90 liters180 surface90 quarters equals 180 pints
91 liters182 liters91 quarters equals 182 pints
92 liters184 liters92 quarters equals 184 pints
93 liters186 liters93 quarts equals 186 pints
94 liters188 liters94 quarters equals 188 pints
95 liters190 surface95 quarters equals 190 pints
96 liters192 liters96 quarters equals 192 pints
97 liters194 liters97 quarters equals 194 pints
98 liters196 liters98 quarts equals 196 pints
99 liters198 liters99 quarters equals 198 pints
100 liters200 shortcuts100 quarters equals 200 pints

Convert quarts to pints (qt to pt) with formula and examples

To convert quarts to pints, for example 15 quarts to pints, you can follow 3 steps:

  1. Take the value in quarters, which in this case is 15

  2. Multiply by 2 as there are 2 liters in a quart, so 20 liters in 15 quarts.

  3. That is all! The result is 20 liters.

Do you understand now? If not, try another example here:

(Video) Unit Conversion: Quarts to liters

Example 1: How to convert quarts to pints?

To convert a quart measure to a liter measure, multiply the volume by the conversion rate.

Since a quarter equals 2 pints, you can use this simple conversion formula:

Pint = Liter x 2

The volume in quarts is equal to a liter multiplied by 2.

For example, see how to convert 500 quarts to pints using the formula above.

500 Liters = (500 × 2) = 1000 Liters

Therefore, 500 quarts equals 1000 liters.

(Video) How to Measure Cups, Pints, Quarts, and Gallons

Example 2: How many pints are there in 30 rooms?

There are 60 pints in 30 liters.


The information above can help you learn more about converting a quart to a liter. Also, it's easy to convert quarts to pints, manually or with a calculator. However, if you still have questions, please see the FAQ section below.

FAQs for converting quarts to pints

10 liters is how many liters?

First, to answer this question, we already know that 1 quart equals 2 pints.

Then multiply 10 by 2 and we have the answer. So 10 liters equals 20 pints.

how much is 60 liters

If you are converting 60 liters to pints, you can convert using our conversion tool. The answer is 120 liters.

What is the value of 8 quarts in pints?

First take the number of rooms which is 8

Second, multiply by 2.

(Video) How to convert gallons to quarts, quarts to pints, pints to cups, and cups to ounces | Khan Academy

Finally, your answer is 16 liters.


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