1941 Quarter Value: Is "D", "S" worth money, no mint marks? (2023)

Are you interested in the 1941 quarter value? Maybe you found that valuable coin at a flea market, or maybe you found it somewhere and are now wondering if it's worth anything. The answer is yes! The 1941 coins were silver; Therefore, they are at least worth their weight in silver.


When researching the value of a coin, you need to check some basic information such as the mint, mint mark and condition. Furthermore, the high or low mintage of a particular coin also affects the price due to its rarity or high availability.

1941 quarter details

1941 Quarter Value: Is "D", "S" worth money, no mint marks? (1)

photo credit:EUAcoinbook

  • Category:Bairro de Washington (1932-1998)
  • Mint: San Francisco, Denver, Philadelphia
  • Circulation: 79,080,000
  • Designer frontal: John Flanagan
  • Reverse designer: John Flanagan
  • Composition: silver and copper
  • fineness: 9
  • Weights: 25g 1808 oz.
  • ASW: 1808 ounces
  • Merger value: US$ 3.46 to US$ 4.00 (02/11/2023)
  • Diameter: 3mm
  • edge: cane

The 1941 bedroom is easily identified by the image of George Washington facing left on the obverse, commonly known as the head side. Under the chin or near the Adam's apple is the American motto "IN GOD WE TRUST".

Above his head, the inscription “LIBERTAD” is engraved on the edge of the coin. How this coin was designed bySculptor John FlanaganHer initials can be found at the base of Washington's neckline.

On the back or on the side of the tail is the eagle with open wings and on the head is the inscription"OF MANY.” The eagle holds 13 arrows in its talons, representing the original 13 colonies. Below the claws are two olive branches that sit just above the mint mark.

The top of the coin says "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" while the bottom says Quarter Dollars, representing the face value. As you can see, the back of the 1941 bedroom is a bit "cluttered" with details, leaving no negative space.

It also meant that coloring these coins was a challenge, as it required careful assembly or central stamping. The production process for these coins involved multiple strikes, which explains why these coins have so many flaws.

(Video) 1941 90% Silver Washington Quarters- Price Will Vary Depending On Grade

During this process, a coin shifted and caused several minting errors. Given the myriad of details on the reverse, many people are confused about the location of the mint mark, which is very important in determining the coin's value.

The mint mark is located on the reverse of the coin between the olive branches and the inscription "Quarter Dollar" on the bottom of the coin.

Did you know that the 1941 neighborhood is one of the original neighborhoods? Yes! There is also an exciting story about the production of silver coins involving founding father George Washington.

It is said that the first President of the USA was very enthusiastic about minting silver coins and also wanted to "help", so he and his wife donated their silverware to provide the raw material for the lot.

Table of Quarterly Values ​​for 1941

like brandGood (F 12)extremely thin

(EF 40)

like new 60Minting condition 65
1941 (no mint mark) quarter valueUS$ 5,00 a US$ 6,00$ 6,75- $ 7,50$ 10,00- $ 53,00US$ 40,00 a US$ 53,00
1941 valor do quarto "S"$ 5,00- $ 6,50$ 7,50- $ 8,00US$ 33,00 a US$ 45,00US$ 65,00 a US$ 81,00
1941 valor do quarto "D"$ 5,00- $ 6,507,32 $US$ 37,00 a US$ 45,00US$ 65,00 a US$ 81,00

Value and Variety Guides for the 1941 Quarter

As mentioned earlier, mint marks are an important factor in determining the provenance and value of a given coin. These 1941 coins were minted at three mints: Philadelphia, Denver and San Francisco.

The total circulation of the 1941 Philadelphia borough was 79,032,000, which is quite a high circulation. Despite the high mintage, these coins still have value, especially those made in Denver and San Francisco.

Coins minted in Denver have a "D" mintmark, while coins made in San Francisco have an "S" on the reverse. Coins made in Philadelphia do not have a mint mark. So if you find this coin, don't panic as it has no mint mark. It's not wrong; just been produced in San Francisco.

1941 Unbranded house worth a quarter

1941 Quarter Value: Is "D", "S" worth money, no mint marks? (2)

photo credit:robpaulsenlive

  • Tipo: Barrio American/Washington
  • edge: round
  • I like the brand :/
  • City: Philadelphia
  • Year of issue: 1941
  • Denomination: one dollar ($1)
  • Price: $4.00 - $160.00 and up
  • Quantity produced: 79,047,287
  • Designer: George John Flanagan

The Philadelphia Mint produced the coins without the mint mark; the total mintage was 79,047,287 including proof coins. If you're not sure what polished coins are, they are old specimens of a specific coin made for verification and archival purposes.

Highly collectible and valuable, they represent the highest quality commemorative coins. For example, the 1941 Quarter No Mint Mark is typically worth around $7 in mint condition.

However, if your 1941 No Mint Mark Quarter is a proof coin, the value increases to $160, which is a high amount considering the general mintage and availability of this coin.

(Video) difficults to finds!Best Value Very Rare U.S Philadelhia coin 1941 silver Quarter no mint mark value

In 1941, the Philadelphia Mint was still making proof coins, which was a moribund practice at the time, and these proof coins were initially matte. With advances in technology, proof coins soon appeared reflective. The total mintage of proof coins at the Philadelphia Mint is 15,287.

While the main purpose of these coins was quality control and archiving, Proof coins quickly became the most valuable collectibles, making them highly sought after.

1941 "D" quarter value

1941 Quarter Value: Is "D", "S" worth money, no mint marks? (3)

  • Tipo: Barrio American/Washington
  • edge: round
  • Coin Mark: D
  • Minting place: Denver
  • Year of issue: 1941
  • Denomination: one dollar ($1)
  • Price: $4.00 - $160.00 and up
  • Quantity produced: 16,714,800
  • Designer: George: John Flanagan

The 1941 coins manufactured by the Denver Mint have a distinctive "D" mintmark and the total mintage is 16,714,800 coins.

The 1941 D Quarter has similar value to the $8 unminted in excellent condition. The same coin in an MS 69 state costs $45, while an uncirculated 1941 D coin can cost around $65.

The value of these silver coins is approximately US$4.00. However, as mentioned above, the value also depends on the wear, condition and brand of the mint. For example, the 1941 Philadelphia Quarter costs around $7.40 in excellent condition.

Unsurprisingly, the uncirculated version of this coin can fetch around $10 with an MS-65 grade. On the other hand, if the coin is not in circulation and has an MS 65 grade, you can expect to pay $35 for it.

1941 Value of the “S” quarter

1941 Quarter Value: Is "D", "S" worth money, no mint marks? (4)

  • Tipo: Barrio American/Washington
  • edge: round
  • check mark
  • Pregeort: San Francisco
  • Year of issue: 1941
  • Denomination: one dollar ($1)
  • Price: $5.00 - $65.00 and up
  • Quantity produced: 16,080,000
  • Designer: George John Flanagan

The total mintage of the 1951 S Quarter is 16,080,000 and is easily identified by the 'S' mint mark on the reverse.

These coins typically cost between $7 and $8 and are in excellent condition. Those in an MS60 grade are worth $40, while uncirculated specimens with MS65 are around $65. The proof coins were not minted at the Denver and San Francisco Mints.

However, one example, the 1941 S-Quarter, was stamped MS 68 and sold for an impressive $28,750. However, just a few degrees lower, the price drops to 124 US dollars.

Interestingly, the San Francisco Mint has a significant treasure mark; There are two different variations of the "S" mark. If you turn the edge of the coin over, you can also see that the copper is not visible, indicating that it is quarter silver.

History of the 1941 barracks

The 1941 Quarter was produced at the turn of the century in honor of the first President of the United States, George Washington.

(Video) Rare 1970 Quarter with 1941 MISTAKE Worth over $30k?

One of the Founding Fathers, George Washington, who led the American Revolutionary War, was opposed to several colonial practices, including putting kings and queens on their coins. Therefore, after being elected the first president in 1789, he ceased this practice.

Instead, the Americans chose to place the portrait of the goddess Libertas, which symbolizes freedom, equality and freedom, the main American ideas. That changed in 1909, when Congress agreed to place Abraham Lincoln on the Lincoln centennial commemoration.

In 1932 they followed suit and installed George Washington in the Washington Quarter to celebrate its 200th anniversary. Historically, 1941 is important to the US because of the big events.

end of 1941, The United States entered World War II and declared an empire at war with Japan after its attack on Pearl Harbor.

The US Mint originally intended to produce these coins for one year only. However, the coin gained popularity and is still used today.

1941 Quarterly Review

The coin grading system can seem challenging and complicated for a new collector or numismatist, so here is a video on how to sort your coin. Also, there are different rating agencies like NGC or PCGS that use different scales or numerical grades to describe the condition of the coin.

1941 room foul lists

Although in most cases if you find a bug the price will go down. However, with precious coins the situation may be different or the reverse, so that a quarter of an errored 1941 may be worth much more than 25 cents or its value in silver.

Speaking of unbranded 1941 Quarter varieties, The Cherry Picker's Guide has four types of double stamps on the front and back. The Denver Mint has two different dual matrices for reverse error coins.

1. 1941 double room

1941 Quarter Value: Is "D", "S" worth money, no mint marks? (5)

Quarter 1941 has a double die error, as well as capital S and small S mintmarks on certain coins. As mentioned above, double cubes are made when the cube is rasterized between axes and then words, numbers and images are superimposed.

The double cube back and the double cube front aren't particularly valuable, and you can expect to pay a few bucks for each.

2. 1941 Quarter Large -S e Small -s

1941 Quarter Value: Is "D", "S" worth money, no mint marks? (6)

photo credit:Ebay


However, 1941 coins with a capital S or a small S are valuable and collectible. A specimen with one of these flaws can push the price up to $30,000.

Coins with faulty mintmarks are rare, as most coins have a regular capital S since 1917. However, only a few coins have a raised S and an additional lowercase -s, making them very valuable. Why is that?

Two variants of the enlarged S coin mark are known today, Trumpet-Tail-S and Serif-S. If you find them, we recommend taking them to a grading agency like PCGS or NGC for grading.

A word of caution, don'tconfuse this coin with the 1941 Canadian quarter. Many people think the 1941 bedroom might be worth a lot because the 1941 Canadian bedroom sold for $35,000 on an eBay auction.

The 1970 quarter is engraved on the face of the coin, while the 1941 quarter is on the reverse. The problem is that the 1941 inscription is from the 1941 Canadian quarter and not the American quarter, which explains the barely visible mint date next to the word dollar.

Frequently Asked Questions for the 1941 Quarter

Does a 1941 room have value?

The answer is yes! Considering that the composition of the coin is 90% silver, the value of the coin in circulation ranges from $4.00 to $7.00. Uncirculated examples can range from $3.50 to $35.

Are the 1941 coins silver?

The composition of the 1941 room is 90% silver and 10% copper.

Which neighborhood is the weirdest neighborhood?

The Washington Borough of 1943: Double CubeIt's one of the strangest neighborhoods there is. Why? Well, the circulation of these coins was very small, less than 1 million pieces, making them one of the rarest and most desired coins.

Where is the mint mark on a 1941 quarter?

The mintmark 1941 Quarter is located on the reverse just below the two olive branches and above the "American Quarter" inscription.

Considering the high coinage and coinage of these coins, there isn't much in pristine, uncirculated condition that collectors typically look for. However, they are also very expensive.

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